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My father and brother have been collecting caps for quite some time now. Each time a new book appears, their work had to be redone to indicate their collection, rewrite comments and spend hours looking for a certain capsule... Because of my job as online web developer I know there's a better way to make this work easier, quicker and more pleasant. It made me think about an online system, not only for my brother and father, but for all collectors who face the same problems. One night I started, and AllCaps was born.

Manage your collection champagne capsules

What's possible using AllCaps?
Search in more then 90 000 champagne capsules and
  • indicate your own online collection only once
  • indicate which caps you want to trade
  • make your whishlist
  • share your collection with others
  • consult collections and doubles of other users
  • contact others to start a trade
  • add new caps yourself
Lambert Tome 1, Lambert 2019 Additif, Lambert 2019 Génériques, Petit Journal, Heliot, Plako Div 2018, Lambert 2020,

Exchange with members or at events

Interested in trading your doubles against new capsules?
On AllCaps you can indicate clearly all your doubles. At the same time you create a wishlist. AllCaps can make the match between your wishlist and other members their doubles.

Looking for an exchange event in your neighborhood? The agenda gives you an overview and the possibility to add your own event.


8 August 2020

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Everybody helps

To ensure the correctness of all capsules, anybody can make adjustments. You can even add new capsules that are not in the list yet.
Spotted an error? You can correct it yourself.
Changes will be reviewed and approved by other members. This way the list is up to date at all times and you help others as well.


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Bravo for this application that meets the expectations of collectors, it's what I needed
It's so much easier to classify my caps

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