Are you the administrator of a club? Then you can create a special club account. In it, you indicate only your released capsules and easily add your events to the calendar.

What are the advantages of such an account?

  • All AllCaps members get to know your club and activities.
  • The capsules you indicate are automatically listed in your personal club list
  • All your echange events are in one place, your profile page
  • It is free

Who can create or manage this account?

Only the president, treasurer or person in charge of a club can create a club account. Beware, the club's e-mail address must be used and confirmed.

How to start a club account?

  • Log out and create a completely new account using the club's e-mail address.
  • Contact us to convert this account to a club account
  • Mark your club's capsules as if you were ticking them for your own personal collection

Curious? Click here for an example of a club account or here for the overview of all club accounts.