Are you the administrator of a club? Then you can create a special club account. In it, you indicate only your released capsules and easily add your events to the calendar.

  • 120,000 capsules!
  • the list is up to date with the new books: Lambert 2023 and Mignon Pierre 2023
  • many minor improvements and optimisations for a faster website

The AllCaps website is easy to find on your computer and smartphone. Just type into your browser, or search for AllCaps in Google.

But did you know that it can be even easier and faster? But how?

By creating a shortcut on your smartphone or tablet. That way it seems like the website is an app. The AllCaps icon will appear on your screen between your other apps. With one click you will be on AllCaps.

What steps do you need to follow?

Please note that the steps or buttons are slightly different depending on your device/browser. 

  1. Visit in your browser
  2. Click on the three dots /share icon / settings/... usually at the top right of the screen
  3. Choose in the menu to install the site as an app. Here are a few examples for the most commonly used browsers.
    • Google Chrome: 'More settings' > 'install this site as an application'.
    • Android: 'Add to home screen'
    • iOS: 'Put on home screen'
    • Microsoft Edge: 'apps' > 'install this site as an app'
  4. There is now a shortcut on your device to AllCaps !

Some examples of screenshots can be found below (with Google Chrome or iPad).

40,000,000 capsules in your lists!

New functionalities:

  • navigate quicker to a specific page simply by typing the desired number in the page numbering.
  • Hide lists that are only shared with you. To do this, use the 'eye' icon () next to the list. Keep your lists tidy.
  • Our own news page. This will be extended with older news, tips and other content.

5 year AllCaps  🎉🍾🥂 

That's 5 years 
  • programming and optimising
  • responding to messages, suggestions and reviewing the daily corrections
  • enjoying the dream of realising something useful

Thanks everybody 🙏

✅ The list is up to date with Lambert 2022

✅ We have our own news section (separate from facebook) to be able to reach everyone

We're getting quite a few reports from people who can't go on the site due to an 'invalid' certificate.

It has to do with older systems / browsers that you use and will therefore also occur at other sites. We can't help this ourselves.

The only thing that helps is keeping your system / computer / browser / phone up to date and to download the latest versions.

These are the outdated systems that can suffer:
- Windows < XP SP3
- macOS < 10.12.1
- iOS < 10 (iPhone 5)
- Android < 7.1.1 
- Mozilla Firefox < 50
- ...

Check out your details here:

#ChampagneDay 2021 !

Everyone Premium today 🤩

110.000 capsules !

That's 10.000 in 1 single year 🤪
and therefore an average of 27 new capsules per day 🤔